Why Register Your Pony?

Registration is the act of recording and safekeeping of a pony’s bloodlines (ie details of the sire and dam) and allows us to trace the lineage of a pony through generations of recordings.

A pony’s registration papers matched to its brands identify the pony and provide evidence of its breeding. For purebred ponies, registration papers and matching brands hold the evidence that the pony is a pure breed.

Owning a registered New Forest pony allows you to:

(i) breed a New Forest foal from a mating with another registered purebred New Forest pony.
(ii) show your pony in New Forest breed classes and Mountain & Moorland breed classes.
(iii) compete for awards offered for New Forest ponies.

Recording of bloodlines for part bred New Forest ponies is also available (see next section)

Registration or recording in Australia
The Australian Pony Stud Book Society (APSB) offers registration for nine pony breeds including the New Forest pony, which has its own section in the APSB Stud Book. Part bred ponies are recorded by the APSB in a separate part bred register and can have a letter suffix attached to their recording number to identify them as a New Forest partbred provided they have a minimum of 25% provable New Forest blood. A part bred pony cannot be registered in the Stud Book which is reserved for purebred ponies. The APSB provides competition Australia wide for APSB registered breeds and recorded Part bred ponies. The New Forest Pony Owners & Breeders supports New Forest purebred and New Forest Part bred ponies by sponsoring awards and events.

Officially registering your New Forest pony in Australia is very important to the breed which is still small in number in comparison to other breeds. Your pony will be part of a special record of New Forest ponies in Australia that will stand for all time.

Registering your New Forest pony adds value to your pony and broadens the pony’s competition opportunities. Many purchasers want a registered pony so they can have the option to compete in breed classes.

The APSB welcomes the registration of New Forest Ponies, descended from APSB stock, which are bred in Australia but are currently only registered in the U.K.. Contact the NFPO&B secretary on (03)57769596 for more assistance.

By registering your pony with the APSB you will have increased opportunities for competition and enhanced value of your pony plus the support and assistance of a society dedicated to the improvement of 10 pony breeds. Part bred registration is open to ponies with not less than 25% New Forest blood. There is no time limit or upper height limit for part breds.

Purchasing a New Forest pony:
Is my New Forest pony registered?
(i) Did you receive registration papers when you purchased your New Forest pony?
(ii) Does your New Forest pony have brands?

Answers to these questions will usually indicate whether the pony has been registered. If you are unsure whether your pony has been registered you can contact us.

When you purchase a New Forest pony the seller should hand on the registration papers to you. To have the pony’s registration transferred into your own name as the new owner you need to be a financial member of the APSB. Submit the papers with the transfer fee to the APSB Federal Registrar who will record you as the owner and return the papers to you. The APSB Federal Registrar handles all information and enquiries in relation to registration /recording and membership matters.

Registering a New Forest pony you have bred?
To register the pony you have bred from a mating between registered New Forest mare and a registered New Forest stallion you need to:

* Be a financial APSB member.
* Register a Stud prefix and brand with the APSB (see APSB membership application and APSB fees list)
* Have received a completed stallion service certificate from the stallion owner following the service.
* Complete a mare return by due date following the service and submit to the Federal Registrar.
* Have your pony/foal branded correctly.
* Complete an application for registration and submit to the APSB Federal Registrar with the service certificate and the registration fee
* Registration fees vary with age of the pony and age limitations exist. Please refer to APSB fees list

APSB Application Forms & Fees List available from APSB Federal website or from the registrar.

APSB Federal website www.apsb.asn.au

Contact APSB Federal Registrar
Federal Registrar
Australian Pony Stud Book Society Inc.
PO Box 267, Glenbrook, NSW, 2773
Tel: (02)47390008
Email: registrar@apsb.asn.au